Monday, October 19, 2009

Can I be honest?

Is it o.k. if I'm honest? Really? Here is the deal...I have a PIT in my stomach right now...know why? I DO NOT LIKE what I have to do this week...My task this week is to prioritize my life and time...Doesn't sound to awful, but since I have gone to 2/3 time at church I have 15-20 less hours for things that I used to do. THAT IS HARD! And I am not enjoying this process...trying to work through things that I enjoy doing...things that I'm passionate about...time with people...time to plan...time with people...time to lead...time with people (HEY...I'm a campus pastor and the majority of my time is connecting with people!!!!)...time with God...time with family...time with administration (I actually like some admin stuff...SOME is the key word though!)...between things that are important...Argh! But it must be done...for my families health and the health of our church...The past 3 weeks have been crazy...There are seasons for that, but this one won't be changing any time soon, so I have to prioritize now...I can't keep telling Kelsey "My schedule has just changed, so we'll get in a new pattern." At some point I have to start saying "no." I just hate that word sometimes!! So, I'm seeking God's heart...asking him to help me see what is most help me discern between what is best and what is good...Praying more than ever for DISCERNMENT and WISDOM!

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