Wednesday, September 23, 2009

Tim 11 - Jazmine 0

Yep...I'm in a competetion with our neighbor bet...I'll compete with ANYTHING, ANYTIME, ANYWHERE! So, a couple of months ago I noticed our neighbors cat was hanging out in our I went to investigate and noticed some mouse "droppings" laying around. Well, I quickly set up my traps and went to over the past 2 months I have caught 11 mice and Jazmine (the neighbor cat) still is waiting for her first!

Today I found one and Luke said "I want to see it dad!" So, I showed him and he wanted to pet it! How funny! Then he kept saying "aw...the mouse is dead me see it dad...awww..." It was adorable!

I will confess though that I hope that the competetion is now over...would love to stop at 11!

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