Monday, September 28, 2009

Monday Reflections

Thoughts on the weekend and this morning...

-Hog Roast was AWESOME! A LOT of people there...great time...Rusty and Kari did a fantastic job
-Had a KILLER headache Saturday 2nd one in a week and several in the past month
-Usually only get headaches like that 1 or 2x's a year...
-Time to go to the eye doctor...I think my eyes are the problem!
-SUNDAY MORNING WAS INCREDIBLE...I'm still moved by what God did yesterday! (read my post from yesterday for more info!)
-Started teaching at Dickenson Fine Arts Magnent in South Bend today...
-THOSE KIDS ARE REALLY COOL! Neat hearts...great smiles!
-Had lunch with Colin and about a couple of guys that God is working in and through!!
-Moving forward with talks on a location...GOD IS MOVING! More later...
-Interesting schedule today...about to head to my 3rd job of the day...interesting times
-Yep...South Bend still has not told me what my contract looks like...interesting way to do business
-I LOVE my kids...
-Chloe is maturing before my eyes...she is Jesus
-LOVED having my parents here this weekend...
-I apologized to my dad Saturday night for how I used to talk to him...God says "honor your father and mother..." MAN...I didn't honor him back then...Appreciated his response!
-Sat through the end of the message yesterday next to my dad...he was tearing up as Jim spoke on forgiveness and had his arm around me and mom...GUYS...THAT IS CRAZY STUFF...GOD HAS RADICALLY CHANGED HIS LIFE.
-Have I mentioned how grateful that I am that God changed my dad's life before it was too late. "Thanks Jesus."
-I honestly believe that I have the BEST wife in the world...she loves me...supports willing to sacrifice for the sake of what God wants for us...I SURE LOVE HER!
-Oh...did I mention that my wife is GORGEOUS?!?!?!?!?! I still melt when she looks and smiles at me!
-Hey...I'm going to get going and head over to Perley School and teach some piano!

"God...thanks for the way you work in our lives...KEEP IT UP!"

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