Tuesday, September 22, 2009

Packed Weekend...

What a good weekend...I was EXHAUSTED on Sunday...feel asleep in the chair for a couple of hours! Our Blitz on Saturday was GREAT! I LOVE serving our community...it is so fun getting the chance to do something for people with no expectation of them giving something in return...we served close to 300 people breakfast on Saturday at a kid's football game. WHAT A BLAST! One cool thing for me was close to the beginning of the day...I teach a class at Perley School and one of my students came up to me...the cool part?! He ended up serving food with us for about 2 hours! Here he was...flipping pancakes...rubbing shoulders with people who love Jesus all morning! VERY COOL!

Sunday morning was good...good time of worship...Jim really hammered on us about dealing with our sin...imagine how our prayers would be answered if we cleaned our hearts before God...WOW! God make us clean!

Then Sunday afternoon the ladies in our church put on a baby shower for moms from Hope Ministries a local homeless shelter...Kelsey took our daughter Chloe with her...what a great experience for mom and daughter together!

OK...so this isn't the weekend, but yesterday I turned in a proposal for a new location for our campus. Praying for God to intervene...by all outside appearances they should reject our deal...BUT I am praying for the MIRACLE WORKING GOD to do some Crazy Stuff through this...BUT EVEN IF HE DOESN'T we KNOW that he has something in store for us!

Isn't it fun to trust God...to see how he will put the pieces of the puzzle together of our lives and our church...LOVE IT!

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Jim Brown said...

Way to go Grace I am proud of you!