Tuesday, September 1, 2009


Random thoughts...and I MEAN RANDOM...my not be profound...just what popped in my head at 8p.m. on a Tuesday

-Jay Bell ROCKED last night at the class I teach at Grace College...
-I am gaining weight, but my foot hurts too badly to start running
-I love coaching...
-I hate it that Jaden can't play soccer this fall...doctor said NO WAY today for the whole season...stressing HOW SERIOUS this break is...
-I wonder where I will be working 6 months from now...(the church of course...but where else!)
-I LOVE my wife...
-Chloe is growing up toooooooooo fast...she is turning into a young lady...GENTLEMEN BEWARE!
-Teaching kids is fun...it's been a while
-I'm tired...but it is a good tired.
-Wondering when God will show us our location for our campus...Up to over 30 places contacted!
-I love teaching the class at Grace College...those students will be WORLD changers
-What if...
-I PRAY HARD that Chloe, Jaden and Luke all come to Jesus...live for him...find GODLY spouse...PASSIONATELY live for him
-I'm glad my kids get to experience Grace Community Church.
-Even if I am part-time...I have one of the best jobs in the world.
-MAN...the South Bend Community School Corp makes decisions VERY SLOWLY! (Been waiting to hear about a job for a month now...in case you didn't know...school has already started!)
-I had a great date night with Kelsey...one of the best we have had in a long time...
-Battell Park is VERY pretty
-If I wasn't in love with South Bend...didn't feel like God wanted me living here, I would move to Mishawaka or Blair Hills in A SECOND!
-I praise God for people who care about South Bend and our campus the way I do
-I treasure friends...people who encourage you
-I am blessed to be on a staff that likes each other...
-I like our pets...
-I think people who don't have pets are missing something!
-Anyone remember Band Camp???? (Where did that one come from?)
-I sure enjoy a breath of fresh air
-Teaching a percussion class today was SOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO FUN!
-Teachers are so cool...they get to impact kids lives every day
-There is one job better than being a teacher...know what it is? A full time mom! I'm not kidding...a full time mom has one of the most important jobs EVER...
-I'm glad that my kids get THE BEST full time mom! (She's cute too!)
-I'm listening to Chloe's piano lesson with mommy as the teacher...wish I would have taken piano...(I would NOT have liked it back then though!)
-Jaden.........he was so disappointed about not playing tonight...my heart ached for him

Well...I'm outta here...have a meeting in a few minutes downtown...better get rolling!

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