Monday, February 7, 2011


WOW...FUN...COLD...A BLAST! Just a few words to describe Sunday! The Winter Bash was soooooooo fun...the brats were cooking...people wearing shorts...steaks to the game winners. GREAT time worshipping our Savior!

Some thoughts from the message
-GET the right messages in your head! If you start your day and end your day complaining about the weather...WHY IN THE WORLD do you think you are having a bad day?!?!?!
-How do you get over the blues?? SERVE OTHERS!! Jesus was DOWN...hurting emotionally after hearing the news that John the Baptist was killed...BUT he had compassion on the people and SERVED THEM! Pump someones gas in the food for a struggling family...take some dessert to work...FIND a way to help others!!
-ENJOY THE MOMENT! Go make some memories!! Get out in the snow and PLAY! (Oh...and having a snowball fight after the service in my swimsuit was a BLAST!!!! )
-GO DO SOMETHING CRAZY! Think about this...JESUS walked on the water for 3 1/2 got it...3 1/2 miles! Jesus...the Savior of the world...the one and only PERFECT man...he had heard that John the Baptist was brutally killed...he served people...fed A LOT of people with very little food...THEN he went out and took a walk on the water! WHAT A WAY TO DEBRIEF after a CRAZY day! SURE he did it to teach his guys a lesson on faith...AND I think he may have done it to debrief and get a RELEASE from some much STUFF that was happening around him!

THEN we had the Super Bowl party last night...over 40 people came to the church and watch on the big screen. VERY FUN night!!

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