Monday, February 28, 2011

Reflections and Stuff

I have often said that when it is time to better CELEBRATE!!!!! We can ALWAYS make of list of the things we want to be different or improved...BUT...when God moves and good things are happening...TALK ABOUT IT! We beg and plead with God for things...we cry out to him...we long for him to come through...then when he does...too often we give him a quick "Thanks..." and then go back to pleading and is a list of they pop in my head that I am thankful for today...things to CELEBRATE!

-An AMAZING wife who loves Jesus, my kids and me...AND she really seems to love being my wife!
-Sadie Lynn...beautiful...precious...a gift from God
-Chloe Marie...beautiful...driven...caring...incredible
-Jaden Blake...stud...tender-warrior...servant (he made his bed AND his brother's bed for his mom without us asking!!)...competitive ( that is a discriptive word for ALL of the Bouchers!)
-I watched as people came forward Sunday...knelt down and prayed that God would help them to live the legacy HE called them too...POWERFUL.
-I CRIED as I watched a man-husband-father come back to Jesus!
-Cried AGAIN as Justin shared his God is healing his heart and restoring him...Our God is soooooo good!
-DEEPLY encouraged as I watched a guy come back to our church...and God used him RIGHT AWAY to help another person who was hurting...Our God is REAL good!
-Blown away at how people are inviting people who are inviting people right now to come. I have been BEGGING GOD to have people connect with him and with is happening!
-UNBELIEVABLY grateful that we have people to lead worship at Grace that LOVE Jesus passionately and are outstanding musicians! INCREDIBLE!
-Our children's ministry is...well...FANTASTIC! We have people leading that aren't just doing it out of duty...They REALLY....REALLY love God and kids! WE are soooooooooooooooooo blessed!
-WE are blessed to have a group of people who FAITHFULLY clean this building...every week...they come and go and no one knows there here! They do it with a servants heart! JUST OUTSTANDING!
-The ushers and greeters...they are soo good!! These guys LOVE to talk to people and LOVE to serve people!
-We have a tech team that loves Jesus and does outstanding work...they serve and serve and serve!
-Our youth leaders...3 people that are giving their time and working with our youth! AND THEY LOVE IT! Soooooooo encouraged by their work!
-What about Hunter? This young man...and 8th grader...comes every has been FREEZING outside and yet he continues to take the signs out to the road...he has walked through some SERIOUS snow this year!
-THen there is our muggers-2nd Sunday set up crew-outreach planners-THE INCREDIBLE Doughnut greeters! (GO BLUMES!)-Crazy Bulletin lady-set-up people-AND MANY MORE...God is just sooo good!
-PRAISING GOD that he has proved our best 2 months of giving in a long time! THANK YOU!
-People giving their time to learn more about Jesus and have fun working out with Zumba and playing Corn Hole!
-VERY GRATEFUL to the faithful who come and pray at Prayer Encounter

I just typed it out as they came to me...God is just so good...HE is worth celebrating!

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