Thursday, February 24, 2011

1st Night & More...

Sadie's first night at home was last was a long one! Like most babies...she likes to sleep...only she does it when SHE wants too!! I had the 2-4 a.m. shift last night, but I still managed A LOT more sleep than Kelsey! IT IS SOOOOOO GOOD to have both of them home...

Another priceless moment last night when we brought her home...Chloe, Jaden and Luke were SO EXCITED! The smiles on their faces...the competition to see who would hold her when...(as a "fairly" competitive group...can you just imagine the Boucher household now!!) They are so good with her...I love looking into their eyes and seeing the joy on their faces...Just look at the pics from the hospital...notice their joy...just pure joy! LOVE IT!!

When I went into Chloe and Sadie's room last night (that was weird to say!!)...I told Chloe that I was such a blessed father...she gave me the "what are you talking about dad?!" look...I told her that I am so blessed that my new daughter has a big sister that is someone to look up to and model her life after...I can't express to you how blessed I am that Chloe is Sadie's big sis!! WOW! the hospital yesterday our doc...Dr. Suttor...tells Jaden..."now you and your brother are the protectors..." PERFECT! That is EXACTLY what I have been talking with them about...that men are PROTECTORS...and they need to be that for their sister. NICE! The best part...I trust that they will be just that!

God has blessed me with an amazing family...these kids and their mother...I am soooo blessed!

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