Monday, December 8, 2008

Weekend Reflections...

CAN IT GET ANY BETTER?!?!?! Every week I start blogging and thinking..."this was another GREAT Sunday..." Yesterday was AMAZING, FUN...let me just give you a pic of the people came in from the cold they were greeted by an 8 ft. toy soldier...then they entered into the Hub area and could high-5 an 8' tall snowman...they heard fun Christmas music in the background as they grabbed some coffee and doughnuts. IT DIDN'T STOP THERE...they would enter into the auditorium and see really cool props that Mark and Danielle built themselves...(We have VERY creative people)...they heard more music...were greeted with smiles and a handshake or hug and then settled in for a rockin' service. At the beginning of the service 4 people volunteered to get kicked out of the building and go encourage people using $40 that we gave them. They went to Kroger and gave 4 families $10 toward their groceries! FUN! is so fun to encourage people...they came back at the end of the service and shared their stories...One lady they gave $10 to had tears in her eyes!! Touching!

The worship band really rocked and just took me to the presence of God...Jerimae and the gang do just an amazing job...Sooooooooooo glad that he is with us! Then Pastor Jim brought a great message on "The Dream" of Christmas...He talked about how Simeon knew that the Messiah was coming and how excited he must of been...Great quote: "Imagine knowing that you get to meet the Messiah..." That after 400 years of silence from God...God spoke to you and said, you will not die until you see the Messiah. Imagine God saying to you today..."you will not die until Jesus comes back." What kind of anticipatioin would you have every day? WOW!!!!

A few more thoughts from the message:
-Don't let circumstances wear out your joy of Christmas
-Keep the Dream alive
-How could a virgin have a baby?!?!?!
-Believe when no one else does
-Jim has seen God come through in his life before and knows that he will again (Of course that is because Jim is sooooooo old and had sooooo many experiences...PLEASE TELL him I said that!)
-Dreams INFUSE hope
-One man gave hope
-How will you give hope this week?

OUTSTANDING Sunday! Just love it!

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