Monday, December 8, 2008


A lesson in meetings...I remember when I first started on staff at Grace. We were merging our church (Hope Community...long story...I'll share it sometime) in with Grace and we were about to have the final meeting as a leadership team to approve the merger. I had set a meeting with my guys and then I received an email from Pastor Jim. His emailed said... "Guys, let's meet after Prayer Encounter on Wednesday at center court and approve this merger." He already knew the guys were for it and that they just had to approve it "officially" for the state government. So he didn't waste the guys time, just picked a time when they would all be there and did the meeting in 10 minutes or less. I QUICKLY called my guys and we met after a morning service and it took 5 minutes for approval. Don't take an hour to do 5 minutes of work!

Why share this story? Too often as leaders we set meetings and talk for an hour about something that is already a done deal! DON'T meet just to meet...don't waste the time of your leaders...Don't take an hour to do 5 minutes of work!

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