Thursday, December 4, 2008


It was about this time last year...Pastor Jim asks us for goals for our campus and I can remember writing the goals...LOTS of prayer...LOTS of thought go into the process. The purpose is if you don't have something to measure against you don't know what you are shooting for.

So, here I was last year...laboring over our goals...seeking what God wanted for our church...and I got to a particular goal on our food vouchers. I can still remember what I was thinking..."Alright, I'll put a number down God, but probably not going to happen." HONEST, that was my thought...very spiritual of me, huh?!?! You see, I wrote down $2500, but we had only given away MAYBE $200 last year...

Fast-forward to July of this year and we still had only given away a couple of hundred $...THEN CAME AUGUST...something happened...we didn't publicize it...didn't even talk with too many people and then BAM...we have given away close to $5000 in vouchers since August. ARE YOU KIDDING ME!?!?!?!? God has just blown us away...and our church has given every penny. People have given their Christmas bonus...sacrificed their own help people. IT HAS BEEN AWESOME! We have had the chance to pray with and feed hundreds of people in our community...God is so good...

I just love the times when God goes all Ephesians 3 on us and gives us "more than we could ever ask or imagine. "POUR IT ON JESUS!"

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