Monday, December 15, 2008

Monday Morning Reflections...

Thoughts on the weekend...
-Everyone is tired and that is a good thing!
-We touched over 150 kids this week...most of which we still don't know!
-Don't be so close to the meaning of Christmas that you lose the thrill
-The people of Grace, just ROCK! Amazing group of people
-Where there is poo there is life...(gross, but true! There has to be pooh to know that there is life!)
-Tonight is my last class teaching at Grace...
-I love Jesus
-I love my wife!
-I love my kids!
-Kelsey finally felt well enough to go Christmas shopping!!
-I love making buckeyes with the family...and they taste good!
-Our church people just get it
-The band was ROCKIN' on Sunday...WOW!
-We need to change our perception...
-You can only receive Jesus on the level you perceive him...
-If you see Jesus only as a won't see him as the KING OF KINGS!
-BACK UP and gain some focus.

**I CAN'T WAIT FOR NEXT SUNDAY! Praying and begging God for new name to be written in the book of life..."COME ON JESUS!"**

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Mom said...

Wonder of Wonders...praise the Lord for GRACE COMMUNITY & all the dedicated servants reaching out to the people of South Bend!
Love you, Timothy