Tuesday, May 3, 2011


We started a new series of messages at church...We are calling it Amp'd-a study on the book of Ephesians. I LOVE the book of Ephesians...probably my favorite book in the Bible...it has a DEPTH of our understanding of God and it is VERY practical...VERY! Real life stuff...

This week was about ENCOURAGEMENT for those that follow Jesus...THINK ABOUT THIS...God...before ALL CREATION knew who you were and picked you to be on his team! That is INCREDIBLE STUFF! Just INCREDIBLE...God didn't know the idea of me...HE KNEW MY NAME...AND he picked me to follow him. I think that is some REAL encouragement!!

WATCH IT! Some of you are going to jump on this one...your going to make this EXTREMELY complicated...I encourage you to not go there...simply rest in the fact of knowing...that you can KNOW FOR SURE that you will be in heaven one day...you can know because you simply believe in Jesus Christ and what he did in giving his life and rising again..AND you have made him LORD...he is in charge of your life...if you have done that then you are SEALED...you are going to be with Jesus...


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