Wednesday, May 4, 2011

Aim for a target!

14,975 people live within 1 mile...1 MILE of our church building...86,822 people within 3 miles...and 179,581 within 5miles...THAT IS A LOT OF PEOPLE! And frankly our church was drowning in the fact that we were attempting to touch EVERYONE in that area! the beginning of 2011 we made the step to focus our influence on the 1 to 1.5 mile radius of our church...we wanted to make a maximum impact and to do it in the best way possible. NOW...this has come at some sacrifice...BUT...the benefits are amazing...

This is so fresh in my mind because of the opportunity I had to meet with Mrs. Martin today...she is the principal of McKinley Primary Center which is our neighborhood school...Mrs. Martin is PASSIONATE about the kids in her building...she LOVES them! She is giving up part of her summer so they can have a summer school experience. "NO ONE" around here gives up their summer! AND she is allowing us to have our Field Days Camp at the school!! WHAT AN OPPORTUNITY FOR US!! I am sooooo excited about the work that she is doing and how that allows us to influence our community!

I love how when we focus our attention...when we narrow our focus...clarify our direction...then God blows open opportunities for us!! VERY COOL!

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