Wednesday, May 18, 2011

Been a while!

Been well over a week since a post...a few things have taken place in that time and honestly I haven't known what to say. SHOCKING isn't it...Boucher was a bit speechless!! I'm not a big writer, but I usually don't post something just to write...but for the first time since I starting blogging...I really didn't know what to communicate. Ever had those moments in life? Where you are going is happening...and your just not sure what to say...what do you do in those moments?

For me...I prayed a lot...I OFTEN pray for wisdom and discernment...but over the past couple of weeks, I have been BEGGING GOD even more...I simply long to respond to people...speak to people in a way that honors God and shows people respect...a prayer has been to see people the way GOD sees them and to see the best in them. THAT IS QUITE HARD sometimes...but the alternative...just always speaking your mind and not thinking the best in others...that is a dark road...probably "fun" in the moment...but doesn't do you or anyone else any good.

I have also been reflecting a lot on how good God is...on how he just simply has a plan worked up...that when we pray...we need to focus our prayers on HIM...focusing on the fact that NO MATTER how he answers...he has OUR best interest in mind and he loves us more than we can EVER imagine!

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