Friday, August 17, 2012

Plan B!

WOW!  What a year...a year ago this day, our family didn't know where we would be going to church. I was about to go full time at Jackson Intermediate Center.  Frankly...I felt lost.  No clue where the future would take me. I was on a path in my that I thought I would die being involved with...then BANG!!  Detour time!!  Shocked me really...rattled me to the core.

Crazy things happen when you are searching for what Plan B might be...what the next step in your journey will be.  I knew that God put me at Jackson for a season...that there would be students, teachers, families that I would have a chance to influence...quite cool to see that happen!

Then when we started at the Living Stones Church...started attending...Sam has always been a good friend...many talks through the was good to be here. But at the same time...whenever you try to connect somewhere new it is a bit ackward...know what I just don't know how people do has taken time, but boy it is good to be here! 

Then after the first of the year when Sam said...what about coming on staff at the end of the year...scary.  Not because Living Stones is scary of course! ;)  BUT because it meant stepping out again... we are!  On to Plan B in the life of the Bouchers...and it is soooooo good!  I feel UNBELIEVABLY blessed to be able to serve in a church that is less than a 1/2 mile from my house...a church that's mission matches my personal DNA of living life for God!  A church with people that I like being around and get to serve in SOUTH BEND, INDIANA!!!!!!  I just love this city and although I opened our family up to move if that is what God wanted...I'm glad that I still get to serve here...for however long this season is...maybe even for the rest of my life...detours happen, but I'm not looking for one!!  THIS IS OUR HOME and I am thankful to God for the opportunity to be building HIS Kingdom on the SOUTHSIDE OF SOUTH BEND!

Umm.....soooooooo good to be a year down the line and see God's hand thoughout the past good!

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