Friday, February 17, 2012


I will never forget that night...Uncle Bob and Aunt Judy were going to take me to buy a new BMX bike...I couldn't mind was racing with excitement and anticipation of my new bike. I simple COULD NOT WAIT!
I still remember going to the store...remember buying it (well...they bought it!)...remember riding that bike like crazy.
We toooo often lose that innocent anticipation and excitement...we can get so muddied up with hurt and pain that we don't really want to get excited...We become so times as we grow older we have hurts that happen--times of disappointment that such the joy and fun right out of us...
What do we become though if we live that way? It is truly a depressing way to live...we must be willing to risk being hurt or disappointed again.
What is a dream that you have? Or something that you are hoping for or dreaming for? If something were to cross your path...some exciting turn in your life...would you be to calloused from past pain that you wouldn't risk stepping out?
Hey...I just prayed for you...whoever you are and wherever you are at in your life! Prayed that you would be willing to get excited be willing to have that childlike anticipation for whatever turn God wants to take in your life!

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Cassidy said...

Thank you...I have truly enjoyed reading through your blog! :)